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Japan's premium gel brand high in pigment, with no blurring, saving you time when creating stunning work. 

Leafgel Premium is the go-to professional quality gel directly from Japan's leading gel manufacturer. Extremely pigmented color that won't run, blur, streak, bubble, peel or shrink. Yes, finally, a color gel that does not blur. Used and endorsed by some of Japan's top nail artists. Save time, create vivid and stunning work, and reach new heights with this amazing gel from Leafgel Premium.

The highest quality art brush that makes all the difference in its details. 

The complete line of the tati artchocolat brushes, are known as the best-selling brushes across the home and heart of nail art - Japan. Unlike any other nail art brush, Tati brushes have been carefully handcrafted with only nail artists in mind who seek nothing less than perfection. Bristles that seemingly allows gel to melt over nails with the the most gentle ease and precision.  This made in Japan brush is now available for worldwide shipping.