"Dreamy" Color Gel Kit by Leafgel Premium x Neiru (Limited Edition Kit)

Leafgel Premium x Neiru Color Limited Edition Kit curated by Jasmine Oshima of Neiru (www.neiru.me).

The "Dreamy" color gel kit is a hand picked selection of softer color tones for those nuanced and softer designs. Leafgel Premium's gel quality is the best in its class and you'll be amazed from the full coverage with high durability and zero burn sensation ensuring your clients are completely comfortable while you create your next masterpiece with these gels.

The "Dreamy" Leafgel Premium (Japan) color gel kit contains 6 full sized 4g jars each.

1 - Leafgel Premium 072 - Lavender Lemonade ヴィオレットソルベ
2 - Leafgel Premium 074 - Baby's Breath ミュゲソルベ
3 - Leafgel Premium 099 - Strawberry Cream フラゴラシャンテ
4 - Leafgel Premium 075 - Organza オルタンシアソルベ
5 - Leafgel Premium 122 - Baby ブドゥドワデュベベ
6 - Leafgel Premium 413 - Nimbus シャリテニュアージュ

Leafgel Premium is a professional quality gel directly from Japan's leading gel manufacturer.  Extremely pigmented color that won't run, blur, streak, bubble, peel or shrink.  Cures with no tacky layer so you can easily paint detailed nail art layer by layer. Finally a color gel that does not blur.  Used and endorsed by some of Japan's top nail artists. Save time, create vivid and stunning work, and reach new heights with this amazing gel from Leafgel Premium.  

Benefits of Leafgel Premium:

  • Amazing coverage and vivid color payoff
  • Cures in CFL lamp in 1 minute or LED lamp in 20-30 seconds
  • Soak-off in minutes
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • No chemical smell or fumes
  • Zero Burn even in high power lamps
  • Can be used for art or full nail color

Need more Leafgel Premium colors?  

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